Take, eat.

For this week’s bread I looked through all 5 of our wonderful bread books but settled on the standby from my San Francisco days: CHALLAH.

Hello, you.

While it was rising, I was reading my book about a woman who serves as the chaplain for the Maine Warden Service, and she was writing about the difficult task of answering questions about what heaven might be like.

Here was one of her suggestions:
“The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman mixed into a large amount of flour until the yeast worked its way through all the dough.” Matthew 13:33

Well, there.

If heaven is like bread dough, it most certainly would be challah dough. If you’ve never kneaded any of this divine stuff, you must. It is remarkably similar in touch to the belly of a fat baby (Reed).

A double batch. Twice the love.

The results:

Two loaves for us for sandwiches, one for the freezer, and the braided one for our neighbors that bring us flowers and fresh-picked strawberries. Ever had a turkey sandwich with honey mustard on challah? I have.

For all you bread bakers out there, this is the very best recipe.

It comes from the cookbook The Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen (which I highly recommend) but I found the recipe here.

Be careful not to overcook it or it will dry out. If you have a bread or meat thermometer, aim for between 150 and 160 degrees and then pull it right away.

I often double the batch and freeze 2 loaves.

Happy kneading

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