Dear Students, I Love You.

It is snowing today, a lovely light snow that is floating down past my classroom windows.

It gave me an idea, so I told my Outdoor Lit kids to sit and face the windows and write poems in the form of tiny letters addressed to anything they could see out the windows. That was the assignment.

After 20 minutes, we walked out into the woods behind the school, stood in a circle under the pine trees, and one at a time, stood up on a stump and read our poems to the trees. By the end of our time outside, we all had snow in our hair and eyelashes.

Nobody told me that my idea was weird. They all just hopped up on the stump and read. Here are some highlights:

Dear snow,
I demand a white solstice.
Please get to it.

Dear branches,
You look like tiny hands
reaching up into the grey,
into the nothingness.
You are arms holding the sky.

Dear tiny little snowflakes,
Way to be individuals.

Dear winter,
We are standing here,
warmly dressed and ready for you.
Please be dramatic and stormy this year.

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