Time the hotel alarm was set for: 4:45 am

Time I woke up: 1:02 am

Time I got up: 3:13 am

Line up for start: 6:00 am

Total number of runners: 20,000

Time the gun went off: 7:00 am

Time lapsed before we even moved one inch forward: 10 minutes

Time lapsed before crossing the STARTING line: 17 minutes

How I felt when I started running: not great. my back and legs were achy. great timing.

Who I was running for:

First time I thought “there is no freaking way I’m going to finish this race”: mile 1

How far off pace I was by mile seven: 15 minutes

Why I was so off pace: Not sure. The first few miles were so congested it was hard to actually run. I can also say, in hindsight, I was just too conservative. I could have picked it up but I was holding back big time.

Steepest hills on the course: between miles 6 and 10

Lowest moment: Mile 10 1/2

Why it was my lowest moment: so tired, so far to go, dizzy

Moment when my mood brightened: seeing my mom, brother and sister waiting for me at the mile 12 marker

Secret weapon: my sister Liesel who jumped in and ran with me from mile 12 to mile 17 and completely turned the race around for me.

Point at which I knew I was going to finish the marathon: mile 15

When I felt most like a rock star: When my brother jumped into the race at mile 17 to videotape me while running backwards in front of me.

What I ate along the way: 1 chocolate GU, 4 packets of Luna Moons, 6 mini Luna bars, handful of pretzels, 2 orange quarter, 1/2 banana

What I drank: cups of water and gatorade every 2 miles

How many times I stopped to pee: 0

Most surreal: the miles between 18 and 23 sort of ticked away as if I was in some auto-pilot mode… the part of the race I’d anticipated to be the worst was just not that bad

Best idea: putting my name on my race shirt. Hearing “Looking strong Emilie!” just never got old.

Time I had hoped to cross the finish line: 5:30

Where I was at 5:30: about mile 25 1/2

How I felt during the last 1/2 mile: like every molecule in my body was firing, every hair on my body was standing up straight, and all I could hear were screams and cowbells ringing. It was everything I could ever have hoped it would be.

Actual finish time: 5:38

How I feel about that: I’ll take it, but there is lots of room for improvement

What was waiting for me at the finish line: A San Francisco fireman with my Tiffany necklace in a little blue box:

My mom, Liesel , Chris, aunt Ellen and uncle Dickie, flowers, a box of tissues (Liesel), a finishers shirt, and piles of food.

Luckiest person in the world: me

How proud was my mommy:

How many blisters I had on my feet: 0 (but I checked)

How much money was raised by this race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: $14 Million

How I felt right after: like this

How I feel today: fantastic

Will I run another marathon? Yep. But it won’t top this one.


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