For Today’s Lesson

I got to do something really fun yesterday.  Skyler and I took our smoothie show on the road, and did a smoothie making demo for her kindergarten class!

We made a bright green Green Monster first, and every kid tried it.  A few didn’t drink it all, but mostly they were very enthusiastic and sucked it right down.  I got lots of thumbs up and “more, please!” One little girl even ran up and hugged me after she drank her green monster. You gotta love Kindergarteners and how you never have to wonder how they feel about something.

Next we made a fruit and juice based smoothie with kale, and because it had so many blueberries in it, it was pretty bright blue.  We started pouring and they started slurping, drinking it all up before I could even get around the whole table.

I gave all the kids certificates because I thought they would need incentive to try the smoothies, but really, they didn’t need much convincing.

Skyler got a real thrill out of this whole process, handing out colored straws to her friends, explaining what all of the ingredients were, and stuffing the blender full of spinach with an audience of wide-eyed 5 year olds.

On the same day, Sam was invited to talk about competitive swimming to a class of 4th graders!  We’ll have all of eastern Maine working out and drinking their greens in no time!

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