Great Day Report: MDI Fun Run and 10K

Sam and I took the opportunity of Saturday’s perfect weather to make a family day trip to the island (That’s MDI, Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park). I had initially planned on the kids running in a local fun run in Bangor, but then I found that there was a 1-Mile Fun Run on MDI, so I signed them up for it. Then, on a whim, I signed myself up for the 10K that happens right after the fun run. Why not?

We were up and out early and ready to go. Here is Skyler lined up for the start.

Sam ran with Skyler and I ran with Reed.  Reed is the funniest runner.  He’s all elbows.

At about 1/10 of the way into our 1 mile run, Reed said:  “WHERE IS THE FINISH LINE?”

At the half way point, after much walking, he asked to get on my back.  As soon as he settled into his piggy back ride, he said:  “Now we are definitely going to win.”

When we got in sight of the finish line, I put him down and told him to run for it.  He did!  And as he ran, he said:
“Mom.  Tired.  So Tired.”

He was one of the last ones across the line so everyone went crazy and cheered for him.

Both kids got ribbons and were so proud.

Soon I lined up for the start and head out for my 10K.  I was again in search of coming in under that pesky 1 hour mark.

I worked hard for it and again missed it by seconds.  Remember you need a 9:40 pace to get under 1 hour.  Miles  1-3 were very hilly but my pace was perfect.  9:25, 9:35, 9:21.

When I ran past Sam and the kids at about mile 3, Skyler was jumping up and down shouting:  “MOMMY!  I WON MY AGE GROUP!”

Mile 4 I walked through a much needed water stop and then hit a very steep uphill and it slowed me down to 10:15.  Mile 5 my legs were just tired and it was more gradual uphill:  10:15.   Mile 6 I was hanging on as best as I could: 9:59.  I kicked it into high gear for the last stretch, crossed, looked at my garmin:  1:00.10.

My official time was 1:00.25 but that is without a chip. That is still 30 seconds better than my last 10K.

Phew.  Getting closer.  I should maybe try it on a flatter course next time.

At the finish line, Skyler was waiting for me.  I was a little tired, can you tell?  She was so proud!

She joined me in the food tent while I rehydrated.  I was really hot, can you tell?

So yes, Skyler won her age group with a mile time of 11:05!  We cannot confirm how many people were actually in her age group, but she won a prize nonetheless.  And do you know what the prize is for winning your age group?  It is a miniature skateboard key-chain.  Yes it is.

This is my friend Nancy who also ran the 10K and dropped her time from last year by a whopping 9 minutes!   What you need to know about this picture is that when Reed realized that he was not also going to get a miniature skateboard key-chain, he completely fell apart and was sobbing.  You can tell by the sympathetic look from the woman behind us in pink. I guess they didn’t have a “Mom carried you on her back” age group.  Live and learn.

The crew of friends at the race:  Anne Marie, Alan and Nancy.

The kids got t-shirts and gift certificates for ice cream cones at Ben and Bill’s in Bar Harbor.  You can see Skyler holding her age-group prize.

And now that Reed had some bubble-gum ice cream, all was right with his world.


We spent the rest of the afternoon eating our picnic lunch at Echo Lake.  I got out of my running clothes and into bathing suit and flip flops and kicked back on the blanket.

While I relaxed and drank a lot of water, the kids did this:

And Sam did this:

And went out for about 30 minutes of lake swimming.

Yes I do very much appreciate that we have places like this in our life.  Echo Lake is another slice of Maine’s best.  The whole time we were sitting there, I kept repeating to myself:    We are so lucky.

Our great Maine day ended like so many others:  Red Sox game on the radio while we drive home, and then dinner on the patio with a camp fire with good friends.  High five, life.

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