Let’s Talk About Skiing.

I have been skiing since I was 7 years old, and I have always loved it, always thought it was one of the purest kinds of fun.  Now when I ski, it is still pure fun,  but it also feels bigger to me.  I just take in the fresh air, the wind, the sunshine, the open views from a place of total gratitude.  I appreciate the fact that because skiing is so expensive, it is a total treat to experience it.   I appreciate my body feeling strong and able as I cruise down the mountain.  I appreciate the fact that my body knows how to ski in such an ingrained way;  my muscles remember how, and even if I only ski a few times a year, I pick it back up instantly and it feels totally natural to me.   I want to shout and sing and hoot and holler at the views.  It also just feels magical to fly down a mountain like that, past the pine trees and aspen trees and breathing the clean air;  it’s a treat for all the senses.   I even love the way the snow smells.    I don’t want to get all spiritual on you, but skiing to me is, well, spiritual.  I feel deeply relaxed, happy, and fulfilled on the mountain.  A full day of exerting my leg muscles like that, wind and sun-kissed cheeks all add up to that satisfying whole-body buzz and a sense of calm.

You know how when you’ve been skiing all day and you lie in bed at night and you still feel your body gliding down the mountain?  Yeah.  Like that.  That’s the stuff.

In other words:  Skiing?  You complete me.

I get to go AGAIN on Friday.

Here are my favorite still shots from our day on the mountain.

mountains make me giddy too.
I can’t get enough of Reed with those goggles.
Liesel and Sam on the way up up up.
Reed looking tough and confident.
apre ski glow
who looks cuter in a helmet?  nobody.
magic carpet ride.
the view:  dumb, boring, and ugly.
“Mom!  Take my picture on the ice couch!”
After I said “no, I won’t carry you,” Uncle Craig said “YES.”
aspens, blue sky, snow, tracks.
Skyler feeling satisfied by the fire pit. That whole-body buzz?  She’s got it.

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