Month: May 2017

Meet The Sole Sisters

Jen, Amy, Christine, Susan, Emilie, Suzanne Most of the questions I get regarding the blog have to do with running, how to get started running,  finding the time to train, or ideas for treadmill workouts (because I love… Read More

Action Time

After weeks of testing, waiting, more biopsies, more waiting, more results, we have a first step plan for attacking my mom’s breast cancer.  At first, we were choosing between several options for surgery, but further tests revealed that… Read More

CFC: Day 2

First, some business: Don’t miss the photography giveaway from yesterday over here. Also, the first newsletter for Sparrow Magazine went out today.  If you didn’t get the newsletter, please add your email to the mailing list right on… Read More

Post Race Thoughts and Lessons.

Immediately after returning home from the race, I picked up my kids.  I was riding pretty high still, but it turns out that Skyler and Reed were more interested in telling me about building a tree fort and… Read More