CFC: Day 2

First, some business:

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I have some funny Reedisms coming soon, so for those of you who could care less about all of this food, stay tuned!

Okay, onto day 2 of the Clean Food Challenge:
For the sake of commiserating with some of my fellow CFCers who are not having the easiest time, I thought about telling you that I had a really hard day today, but I’m actually still feeling good.

I find it amazing how well I respond to setting such strict rules for myself.  I like controlling myself, I guess.  I like that if I have a passing thought about wanting a bagel or some chocolate, I say to myself:  “You can’t have that right now.”  And myself says:  “Oh yeah, right.”  And then I move on.  Makes you wonder what other changes we could make in this manner?  I know it’s not fun to always have rules, but sometimes I just find it to be an easier way of going through the day.  There aren’t as many decisions to make when you are “on plan.”

Here was my food day:

Breakfast:  (same as yesterday)
Oatmeal with blueberries, coffee with coconut milk and agave.

Snack:  Dried Mango
Another snack:  rice cake with almond butter
Another snack:  banana

Lunch:  Huge salad with grated carrots, beets, sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans and cukes, balsamic vinaigrette.

After workout:  Smoothie made with carrot juice, banana, and a mango.

While cooking dinner:  A handful of cashews

Dinner:  Tempeh, onions, broccoli and cashews.  Baked sweet potoato

Dessert:  About 10 strawberries.

Water:  4 bottles, still sipping my last one.

I’ve been trying all day to come up with the right words to explain how differently my body feels when I eat this way.  It started even yesterday.  My whole abdominal area feels differently.  The words that come to mind, though none of them are quite right, are:  open, unrestricted, relaxed, even, clean, comfortable, light.

I don’t feel not good the rest of the time, but I definitely feel better now.  Clearly, it’s hard to describe.  The best benefit that I can see is that my blood sugar is steady and even all day.  No dips.  No valleys.  No sleepies.  No need for coffee in the afternoon, I swear to you.

The only hard part of my day was that I had a hectic day at work finishing everything for the end of the school year, and then rushed out of the building in time to eat my salad in the car before driving to the Y where I met Susan for a run/ swim.  I was starving at lunch, and ate fast, and then the energy of my salad hadn’t caught up to me before we started our workout.  We only needed to run 15 minutes and swim 30 minutes, but I don’t think I felt like I was energized until the last 20 minutes of the swim (we ran first because it was hot today and then getting in the water felt sooo good). Luckily I found my swimming arms by the end and felt strong.  We ran about a mile and half and then swam about 1400 yards.

You know what I DON’T HAVE TO DO tonight?  Pack anyone’s lunch.  Or grade any papers.  Or plan any lessons.  I’m going to watch a movie now.

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