I have always been one to want to tell people about things that I love.  If I see a great movie or read an amazing book, I want to run out and share it with all of my friends.  I started blogging for the same reason many moms do:  to share my photos and stories of my children as they grow.  But the writing about my kids led to writing about running, and then I started writing about food, and then I started writing about our outdoorsy life in Maine and continued writing about parenting, and it all came together into One Mom in Maine.

I am a Michigander who ended up in Maine 11 years ago after a 4-year stint in San Francisco.  I have a degree in English from the University of Michigan, an M.Ed. from the University of Maine, and  I am now working on a C.A.S. in Writing and the Teaching of Writing. Teaching high school English fulfills all of my creative and book-loving needs.  When I’m not at work, I aim to be outside playing or in the kitchen cooking and baking, and always with my kids.  I love everything about parenting except for all of the whiny parts, and I love everything about living in Maine except for the March part.

This blog chronicles the triumphs and pitfalls of parenting two high-energy children while teaching full time, running marathons, and trying to put healthy meals on the table.   I believe strongly in the power of home, good food, fresh air, challenging goals, and the stories that weave these all together. 

With the help of my charming, house-cleaning, masters swimming husband Sam, we try (and sometimes succeed) to do it all.  Thankfully, our kids provide much comic relief along the way. 

Stick with us as we work toward being our happiest, healthiest selves.