What does your schedule look like? When are you getting your running in while working full time?

I wrote about our schedule in this blog post.
Since I wrote that post, the only thing that has changed is that Skyler goes with Sam in the mornings and I take Reed to school. 

How can you stand the treadmill?  How do you dress for winter running?

I love the treadmill as long as I mix up the workouts with speed work.  Winter running is doable with the right layers.  Both of these questions are answered over here.

What training plans do you use, and where can I find them?

I have used all of Hal Higdon’s training plans which are free online.  I have used his 5K plan, his 10K plan, his half marathon plans and his marathon plans.  

I’m starting from scratch and have never run before.  What beginning plan do you recommend?

I know several people who have had good luck with Hal Higdon’s 30/30 plan and think this is a great place to start before moving up to the 5K training plan.

What is the name of the farm where you get your farm share?  How much does it cost for all those veggies?

We get our farm share from Fisher Farm in Winterport.  We pay around $580 for huge weekly shares of organic vegetables and fresh flowers that we pick up from June through October.